Garden suites. Garage suites. She sheds. Man Caves. Single Family Homes. Multi-Family Homes. Apartments. Vacation Homes. Cottages. Chalets. Commercial Space. 

Order any one of these structures from a conventional builder, and you’re looking at a project that will take in the realm of six months to a year to complete, require steady maintenance and repair work, and incur a substantial cost to the environment.

Order any one of these structures from CanDwell, and it will be move-in ready in less than half the time it would take with traditional construction practices—and without compromise to performance, cost, or aesthetic. In fact, by building with CanDwell’s shipping container-based infrastructure, your finished product will look almost identical to a conventional stick build, last longer, and cost less to both you and the environment.

It’s a no-brainer: build sustainably and live comfortably with CanDwell, Canada’s shipping container home manufacturer

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