Benefits of building with candwell


your project will be move-in ready with half the wait


Using shipping containers (also known as sea-cans) as building blocks, we prefabricate components of your building in a large climate-controlled facility capable of handling customizations with exacting precision and specificity.  This dramatically reduces the time it takes to assemble the frame on site and streamlines the entire process from start to finish.  You can expect the overall timeline to be compressed by approximately half when compared to a traditional build.


Your project will be built to last


Sea-cans are standardized to deliver various material goods long distances.  Made of steel, they are built to endure harsh weather conditions, resist mold, and inhibit fire.  

As a material for buildings, sea-cans have impressive performance: they are structurally sound, require less cross support, don’t shift or settle over time, and age well. With little to no maintenance requirements, shipping container homes easily last decades and outlast homes made of traditional materials.


Your project will have a low environmental footprint


An average 2000 square foot home requires the wood of approximately 16 mature pine trees. With a sea-can build, you are not only saving trees from being cut down, but you are also recycling a material that would otherwise be left unused. An astonishing 96% of sea-cans shipped from Asia are never returned overseas for reuse; CanDwell diverts these from the landfill, sanitizes them, and repurposes them for use in residential and commercial projects.


Your project will be cost effective


The upfront cost of building with CanDwell is comparable to the cost of building using conventional methods. However, the cost difference is substantial over the life of a building: sea-cans are well-insulated and have an excellent seal, improving energy efficiency and reducing utility costs. The durability of shipping containers also means lower maintenance costs, resulting in additional cost savings.


your project will be tailored to your desired aesthetic


Some people have the misconception that building with shipping containers will result in a compromise to aesthetics. This isn’t the case with CanDwell, where we can customize the look of our buildings to match any style you wish. As a baseline, we use a drywall interior (just like traditional builds), and stucco and stone siding.


The result? A product that looks and feels identical to one made with traditional processes, but is built sustainably, lasts longer, and costs less.